Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Don't Invite Me to Anymore Online "Parties"!

Facebook has breathed new life into the world of multi-level marketing. Ten years ago, my social life consisted mostly of joining my beloved sister at whatever pampered cooking, junk jewelry, beauty dishing party she had promised a friend that she would support. These days I am consistently and constantly invited to online nail, bag, and jewelry "parties". I usually participate to show my support of my friend who's supplementing her and her family's income or the other friend who wants to receive her freebies. However, that is over!!!! I support CRAP NO MORE!!!!!

Now I realize I can't complain too much since I put myself through graduate school by disseminating that popular pink cosmetic product. Additionally, I am prepared to wear the hypocritical Red Letter H upon my bosom for this post. However, I will not spend another penny on any body's anything.

No one NEEDS the bazillion mani-pedi stickers I will never have the occasion to stick to my fingers or toes. No one NEEDS the pink drink or miracle tonic everyone thinks is going to save them from whatever ails them. No one NEEDS that circle pendant with all the workings of a broken clock. No one NEEDS those pretty little containers for organizing the plethora of pretty little CRAP! What people NEED is to figure out their priorities. Me included. PEOPLE ARE WHAT MATTERS! PEOPLE NEED OUR HELP! THINGS WILL BE LOST, BROKEN, OR DISPOSED OF; PEOPLE CANNOT!

To see why I am so bothered, keep reading. I have some folks who are in NEED of assistance. REAL people with REAL problems, no #firstworldproblems.

In April, my nephew decided to join us five weeks before he was due. To boot, my sister-in-law was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, making this already scary situation even harder. Both baby boy and mommy were made well and eventually left the hospital to start their new love affair with life. Their care came with a hefty price tag though. I thought with so many "Friends" on Facebook that I could help my SIL, BIL and BabyBoy overcome the financial hurdle that is associated with lengthy hospital stays. I started a goFundme page for the little family. I posted and re-posted and begged daily for more than a month for my "Friends" to help support the cause by donating $2 (the cost of a beverage while eating out), $5 (the cost of a fancy, skinny, mocha-whatever at that coffee shop), $10 (the cost of lunch at a fast-food dive). NOT ONE OF MY "FRIENDS" GAVE A DIME! The wonderful donations we did receive came from my mother, a couple of family members, and co-workers of my husband who had never even met who they were supporting. Click here to donate to the GoFundMe page for this family.

This past summer, I found out that one of my best friends from high school was going to fight the fight that all women fear, breast cancer. She is one of the strongest women I have ever known, and she is kicking cancer's petooty. Her positive attitude and amazing strength are a testimate to her faith and her resolve to never let anything keep her down. This woman has asked nothing from anyone so when she asked if I wanted to buy a Team Amanda shirt for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in our hometown, I ordered a shirt, signed up to run, AND signed up to collect donations for Komen and breast cancer research. I HAVE YET TO RECEIVE A SINGLE DONATION; however, my mother and husband say they will help me reach my goal if no one else will. Click here to donate to my Susan G. Komen fund raising page.

Until this year, I was a public school teacher. Each year I spent any money that we could have donated to good causes to build a library for my classroom, a cause that would change the world one reader at a time. I wanted a library that would meet the needs of the reluctant readers in my classroom. Now that I am not teaching, I actually have the money to help my friend Sosie build her classroom library. I gave her the boxes of books from my old classroom and some money to buy new books. If you would like to help her classroom, click here.

Friends, we need each other. Not to buy things that just don't matter. We need each other to take whatever extra we have and don't need to help the PEOPLE who are not so lucky and the organizations who are trying to help save us all. If your life ended today, you could not take your things with you. However, you would leave a part of you with the lives you changed...the lives of PEOPLE you touched.

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