Sunday, April 22, 2012

Update: STILL Don't Trust David's Bridal

UPDATE: 05/03/2012-- My mother-in-law called the Frisco store and they are only giving her the $50 discount not the $150 they should have refunded to her. I guess the only consolation is that with more than 500 unique visitors to this post, David's Bridal will lose more than they gained by being deceitful. I encourage all brides to go elsewhere for their wedding attire. Bait and switch is fraud.


UPDATE: 4/26/2012 8 a.m.--I just received an email from the better business bureau. David's Bridal has 22 days to respond to our complaint.

12 p.m. on 4/25/2012 UPDATE--I have written a letter to Fox 4's Saul Garza who produces the "What's Bugging You" feature each week. We still have not resolution at this time. 


UPDATE TO THE TWO PREVIOUS UPDATES AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST: 4:50 p.m. 4/23/2012--After speaking with Alicia and finding out the store's management had spent the afternoon blowing up her cell phone while she was at work and leaving distressing voice mails, I thought all would be resolved. However, it is not. David's Bridal corporate customer care only offered a $50 discount...that is NOT a dress for $50. Here is what I just sent to the as well as posted on their Facebook: I have just completed an update telephone call from Alicia about your conversation earlier. She reported on what you spoke about, and I wanted to let you know that this campaign will not be satisfied by a $50 reduction on the $179 dress. If Davids Bridal wants me to post a positive update, then Davids Bridal will refund all but $50+ the appropriate tax to my mother-in-law, as promised by Barbara the sales associate while we were in the Frisco, TX Davids Bridal. Bait and Switch, to give Davids Bridal the correct definition, is a form of fraud, most commonly used in retail sales but also applicable to other contexts. First, customers are "baited" by advertising for a product or service at a low price; second, the customers discover that the advertised good is not available and are "switched" to a costlier product. When my mother-in-law calls to have her payment adjusted, I suggest you adjust to the cost of the dress that Barbara told us on Sunday $50 plus tax ONLY.

Dear David's Bridal Customer Service,

I have just returned home from helping my sister-in-law purchase her wedding dress, an event that is traditionally full of dreams and whimsy. However, I am literally shaking with rage at the way she was neglected and mishandled by your company's sales force at the David's Bridal in Frisco, Texas (Store number 0045 at 121 and Preston Road).

Alicia made an appointment for today at 2 p.m. to try on wedding dresses. She, the bridesmaids and the mothers all arrived on time for the appointment full of excitement and joy at this special time. We were told that our sales person Barbara was "just finishing up with a previous appointment" and would we mind waiting five minutes. After 20 minutes of waiting aimlessly, I went in search of the one gown that my sister-in-law had deemed as the one she wanted. I found it and found her size. I escorted her back to her dressing room that was labeled with her name and wedding date. I found a passing sales associate who was more than happy to find the appropriate under garment to try on with the dress (I wish I had caught her name as she was the only person in this shop who was helpful in any way).

Only after we had Alicia in her dress did Barbara "swing by" to see how we were doing. Because the dress of Alicia's desire was not the correct size, Barbara asked a few questions to see if there was another dress she could find that might fit a little better. After trying on this dress, Alicia knew that her first choice was what she wanted for her special day.

Barbara was on her second "circle by" (Barbara kept using the terms "swing by" and "circle through" throughout our entire appointment, never making Alicia a priority or focusing on her appointment time) when we told her that BR1016 was the dress we wanted to order. Barbara scurried off to place the order and "circled by" four more times giving us the excuses of overrides and not having enough time to order the dress before the Oct. 27, 2012 (six months) wedding date. Finally, Barbara came to me and my mother-in-law to tell us the bad news of the wedding dress being discontinued in size 16W. She told us the "good news" was that the sample dress Alicia tried on, a 16, could be let out the small amount needed for it to fit perfectly and that the dress would only cost $50. For that deal we all agreed it could be altered to perfection. Barbara even said, "Don't use our [David's Bridal] alterations because they are a rip off."

My mother and sister-in-law went to check out with her dream dress in hand. They waited in line for 20 minutes only to find out that the dress was not going to be $50, as Barbara had said, but rather $193.77. I was standing off to the side and did not hear this or it would never have gotten this far to me writing a letter in complete and utter disgust at such a blatant bait and switch con perpetrated by your sales force. We were standing outside on the sidewalk and Alicia seemed distraught and my mother-in-law was explaining that the 16W that we wanted to order was discontinued but because the sample dress that we purchased was a 16 (not 16W) that it was full price.

I returned into the store with the dress and the receipt and told the manager Soraya and Barbara that this was a shady practice and that they were going to honor the promised price of $50. They told me that because my mother-in-law and sister-in-law had gone ahead and purchased the dress that they would not refund the difference. I was so angry at this that I called Barbara a liar and I raised my voice. For that I am sorry for embarrassing my family. However, Alicia and Kathy are extremely shy women who would never make waves in a situation like this even if they felt that they were mistreated and conned. I however, am not that kind of woman. I do not stand for mistreatment of anyone!

I am writing to request that the corporate office of David's Bridal please refund the difference of the price my mother-in-law paid from what she should have been charged with tax on $50.

Jaimee Hunter
Maid of Honor

UPDATE: 4/23/2012 @ 9 a.m. I would have figured with my posts on Twitter and Facebook and an overwhelming of reponse to my posts, that David's Bridal would have jumped on correcting this situation. No response at this time, but it is Monday Morning! I wasn't surprised to see all of the shared horror stories that came pouring in...

On My sister-in-law's Facebook, Erika wrote, "i went to the one in lewisville for my bridesmaid dresses and they were really rude.. so i went elsewhere..."

Gina also shared on Alicia's facebook, "We use to partner with them when I worked for a tux shop, both brands were awful."

On My Facebook, Philicia responded, "15 years ago, we ordered the brides maids dresses for my wedding from [David's Bridal]. We were told they would arrive in plenty of time for the wedding & for any alterations if necessary. A couple of them came in a couple of days before the big day. The night before my wedding we were doing alterations on the dresses. Thank goodness for my grandmother & her sewing skills! Stressful time that could have been avoided."

Also from Facebook, Krissy wrote, "I could have warned you to stay away! I got a beautiful dress on the $99 sale, but it needed alterations. When we went back, the hemline was CROOKED, the bustline was uneven, seams were showing, the train was ruined...and they said there was no way to change it. Then, they offered to refund the dress cost, but said the alterations charges were NONREFUNDABLE!!!! Awful! [David's Bridal] ruined my wedding dress and acted like it was no big deal."

From my friend's Facebook where she shared my link, Kacie wrote, "I wish I had known this before my wedding. :-/. I didn't have any problem with [David's Bridal] for my wedding but they were horrible when I was a bridesmaid at my brother's wedding."

UPDATING THE UPDATE! 9:49 A.M. I received a text that a Tweet had been received from "@DB_Cares: @jaimeechunter So sorry that you were disappointed with your visit. We'll be reaching out to Alicia to address her experience."

MORE UPDATING TO THE UPDATING OF THE UPDATE: 10:26 a.m. I received the following Facebook message from David's Bridal "David's Bridal Hi Jaimee, we're so sorry to hear that you were disappointed with your sister-in-law's recent appointment in our Frisco, TX location. A representative from our Corporate Customer Service team will be reaching out to Alicia today to address her concerns. We look forward to connecting with her and thank you for bringing her concerns to our attention.")


  1. Oh no they didn't that is terrible!

  2. My experience at david's bridal was better but same issue, I asked 2 minutes after ringing up the sale if I could change my mind on the hair clip and they said no, all sales are final and I could only have a store credit. So I just kept the hair clip. Also they told the same thing, how they would have to override the system to get the dress by my wedding date that was 4 months away. I did get the dress in plenty of time plus alterations but the "override" sales tactic is ridiculous. Also they told my bridesmaid they got $50 off and then one of them was told no the dress was already on sale, luckily she is out spoken and made them give her the $50 off. I did get my dream dress but would not recommend them.

  3. I am glad to know this. We have been looking at David's Bridal on the net for my wedding dress and after seeing the prices we had talked about ordering me a dress from there. The thing is that if this is how they practice business I do not want any part of it. I am sorry that you all had bad experiences but I am grateful to know. This saves me from the same experiences. Thank you so much for the warning.

  4. When I was looking for a wedding dress, I started at David's Bridal. I was there about 15 minutes & have never been in there again. It was suffocating, in every sense of the word.

  5. Both of my daughters-in-law had trouble w/ David's Bridal. One ended up going somewhere else. The other regrets staying. She was not happy w/ the final outcome and now says every time she looks at her wedding pics, she gets aggravated b/c of the DRESS! How can they still be in business? Like your blog - I'm following. :-)

  6. Both of my daughters-in-law had trouble w/ David's Bridal. One ended up going somewhere else. The other regrets staying. She was not happy w/ the final outcome and now says every time she looks at her wedding pics, she gets aggravated b/c of the DRESS! How can they still be in business? Like your blog - I'm following. :-)

  7. I too walked out of there when looking for my wedding dress. They were awful. We walked in the door, stood there for 20 minutes with NO ONE speaking to us, when I finally flagged someone down, she very abruptly and rudely said "Can I help you?" and I proceeded to tell her that I was looking for a wedding dress and I described a little bit of what I was looking for. She looked at me and then pointed over to a wall of dresses on racks and said, "there are dresses over there. you can look through those if you want." I then had a little moment with the manager and we walked out. I was disgusted. Turns out, this happening was a blessing in disguise for me. Because I ended up at Lasting Impressions in Addison...Where I was treated as a bride to be should be - like you are the only person on the planet getting married. This was 14 years ago - I don't remember the shop owners name - but she answered the phone, she scheduled an appointment with me for an hour before the shop opened, she was extremely knowledgeable - to the point where after listening to what I wanted, she helped select dresses that would flatter my figure...she oohed and ahhed and even would not let me look at myself in the mirror until she had put my hair up, a veil on and shoes and jewelry. I was treated like a princess. This woman really enjoyed her job. The dress was ordered, came in early, alterations we done right the first time, AND they even stored the dress for me allowing me to "check it out" for the photo session, and steamed it for me twice. once before pics and once before I picked it up for the wedding. THAT, MY FRIENDS IS SERVICE! and you better believe I sent everyone i knew to them.
    I loathe David's Bridal stores. ick.

  8. Kim, that is an amazing testimony...just to show I am not all evil like the Frisco store is trying to make me out to be...I am going to hunt down your fabulous Bridal shop and thank them for their service....14 years is never too late to pass the great word! You Restore my faith once again, friend!

  9. Horrible experience with David's Bridal as well.. I ordered my bridesmaid dress in Feb, only to have them order the completely wrong dress.. they then told me my dress wouldn't be in until June 15th, the wedding is June 23rd.. give me a break.. how is it possible to have it altered a week before the wedding? Why did I order it so early only to have it get here 6 days prior? This isn't the first time I've had a bad experience with them.. agreed, how do they stay in business?

  10. What is the email for customer service? every time I call the Madison, WI office no one seems to know a thing.. which seems appropriate, just irritating..